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mr. D. Uygul – van Dam (lawyer) specializes in contract law, (including: Labor law, tenancy law & consumer law), administrative law and corporate law.


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Labor Law

You need legal assistance regarding a situation relating to you (upcoming) job. Think about a non-compete clause or disciplinary measure.

You need legal assistance regarding a conflict. For example with your neighbor or a company.

Tenancy law / rental

You need legal assistance regarding an (upcoming) tenancy / rental contract.

Administrative Law

You don’t agree with a decision from the government.

Court cases

You need legal assistance in a (future) case before the court.

You have questions about a specific case or subject and would like advice. For example about:

Labor Law situation

You have questions or need advice on a situation regarding your (upcoming) job.

You have questions about a possible legal conflict. Maybe you want to know about your rights or legal position under Dutch law.

Tenancy law / rental

You have questions regarding your tenancy / rental contract and would like advise on rights and legal position under Dutch law.

Government / administrative law

Questions about licensing, exemptions or financial support for which you need to get a governmental decision.

You want to have a document checked or drawn up. For example regarding:

Terms & Conditions

“Uygul – van Dam” can check terms & conditions you have questions about. Are the term valid under Dutch and EU law?


You have issues with a subscription and want to have the situation checked.


You have a contract you would like to have checked or need a new contract drawn up for a specific situation.

Other documents

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mr. D. Uygul - van Dam
mr. D. Uygul – van Dam

After I finished my Masters Degree in 2011 at the University of Groningen I started looking for work straight away. I jumped at the first realistic opportunity to start working as a legal consultant at two law-firms. Here I got more experienced in civil and criminal law.

In 2013 I was sworn in as a lawyer. I traveled and handled cases in the entire Netherlands. In my work I was known for my social, no-nonsense and to the point way of working. In my 6 years as a lawyer I focused on criminal and administrative law. After 6 years I felt it was time for a change and started working for a commercial company.

All my experiences led me to the point where I started working as a freelancer. On the 18th of November 2022 I was sworn in as a lawyer again.

I Think it’s important that everyone has access to personal and affordable legal assistance. No unnecessary (high) costs and Dennis Uygul – van Dam

mr. D. Uygul – van Dam

Uygul – van Dam also operates the website De ZZP Jurist.
Uygul – van Dam can be found in De Bedrijfstelefoongids.